An All-Star Teams From Management To Execution

Reddot is composed of in house head of growth who worked on the growth strategies of notorious enterprises and startups who form and lead freelance execution teams with the most impressive backgrounds.
OUR VALUES : Discipline • SPEED • focus

Our Services

After 1 year of experimentation and 70 projects, we've designed the best programs to unlock your growth.


A 60-day Sprint to build your growth engine and validate your market.
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A Squad of experts dedicated to your Growth during 90-180 days.
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4-Week Growth Marketing mentorship program to train your team.
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Our Team

Work with our pool of talented Growth Marketers

We hire and train the best growth Marketers. Our experienced Head of Growth lead your project.
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Our Method

Test & Grow with fast-paced experimentation.

We've developed an iterative approach. It allows you to grow fast than your competitors.
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They adopted our method to innovate

“Working with Reddot is a corporate’s dream. We can be quick, agile and rely on their expertise to guide us well. Very responsive and engaged in our projects, it’s a pleasure to collaborate together.”
Maisie M.
Lead Innovation Designer @ Royal Canin
"Reddot accompanied us and helped us find our market fit, we were then able to meet many future customers thanks to their campaigns! Working with Reddot on our marketing strategy and operations was a real pleasure"
Maximilien J.
CEO @ Odaptos
"I liked Reddot team because they were both dynamic and pragmatic. I chose them for their specialty in commando mission. This is exactly what I needed: testing personas, value propositions and channel to push what works and avoid spending money on things that don't work."
Maximilien J.
Director @ GHS

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

What integrations do you support?

We can support platforms integrated with Checkout, Billing, and Invoicing. We can’t support PaymentIntent users but if you’re a platform interested in building your own UI for one-off payments, we’d love to hear from you!

What is the waiting period for my first payout?

The first payout for every new account is typically paid out 7 days after the first successful payment is received. This waiting period can be up to 14 days for businesses in certain industries, and up to 30 days in countries such as Brazil.

Can I withdraw my money anytime?

Yes, Stripe allows you to opt for a payout whenever you want. You can also opt for a scheduled payout every month.

Do you support PO box addresses?

In general, PO Boxes aren’t part of our US address database. If the address for a PO Box or other address can’t be found in the address database, the location is approximated using the rest of the address details, such as the postal code.

Senior Growth Marketer?
We are hiring.

You’ll join a group of growth marketers that drive results and get paid for it.

1. Apply to the Dotsquad Program

2. Go through our Marketing training

3. Work on projects with top businesses

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Our Leadership Team

Alian Briez

Co-founer & 0 to 1 Expert

Pierre Herubel

Co-founer & Funnel Expert

Clara Comito

Head of Growth
William Pichon
Growth Marketer
Yannick Montesi
Project Lead
7+ year
Maratee Wangthong
Graphic Designer
Aeon Bangking, Pimclick.
Clara Comito
Head of Growth
Alain Briez
Co-founder & 0 to 1 Expert
Pierre Herubel
Co-founder & Funnel Expert
Florian Decludt
Growth & LinkedIn Expert
Hyemin Joh
Ex-Germinal. Has been Head of UK for a DNVB and grew the revenue from 0 to +100K€ in a period of 3 month
Sadanun Wiangin
Webflow Expert
100+ landing pages integrated on Webflow.
Alain B.
Go-To-Market Expert
🇰🇷 Seoul, KR

9 years in digital entrepreneurship getting projects for 0 to $1M revenue

Worked for:
Pierre Herubel
Marketing & Insights Expert
🇸🇬 Singapore, SG

Sorbonne alumni, worked on 250+ marketing strategies since 2017

Worked for:
Clara C.
Head of Growth & Ops
🇦🇪 Dubai, UAE

Sorbonne alumni, worked on the GTM Strategy of 100+ enterprise, SMEs and FT120 startups

Worked for:
Sofiane L.
Head of Account Management
🇫🇷 Paris, FR

Worked on the digital transformation of key accounts in the French luxury industry

Worked for:
Key Figures about reddot

Over $1M in Revenue in Our First 14 Months of Operation.

75+ Projects

Go-to-market and marketing missions.

40M+ Views

Growth marketing content published on Linkedin.

$7M of Pipeline

Sales pipeline generated for our clients.

30+ Experts

Internal team and community of marketers.

300+ Tests

Experiments conducted to deliver growth.

18+ Countries

New markets launched for our clients.

We Have Built a Commando Method Designed for Your Growth.

We vet the best Growth Marketers and train them in our Commando approach.
"I liked the Reddot team because they are both dynamic and pragmatic."
David L.
Director @ GHS
Our Method

Our system generates fast Business results.

Our growth marketing actions deliver results within 2 month thanks to rapid experimentation.
"We have never had so many prospects in our pipeline! (Special mention to your superb organization during the process)"
Maximilien J.
CEO @ Odaptos